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Discover How to Attract Women Quickly & Easily


Imagine becoming the sort of guy that stunning women lust over... now quicker and easier than ever.

  • Destroy approach anxiety and talk to any girl you like with confidence.
  • What to say, how to say it and how to get the number every time!
  • No cheesy pick up lines or gimmicks. Learn to attract using pure self confidence.
  • Get more women, more fun and more sex than you ever dreamed possible.
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"You are some sort of crazy genius..."

"Today I did things that absolutely terrified me. But you know what? It worked, I eventually found talking to girls easy. I quickly got to the point where I could approach any woman I liked the look of. In the space of two minutes I got two numbers from two gorgeous girls. I am really starting to believe that I am either good at this or you are some sort of crazy genius"

- John B (Bradford UK)

Are you sick and tired of being too scared to talk to sexy women?

How many times have you seen a beautiful woman and wanted to talk to her. Only to hesitate and talk yourself out of it, allowing her to walk out of your life for good?

​Maybe you have plucked up the courage and found yourself stumbling around like a total douche-bag. Not being able to string a single sentence together!

I know better than anyone how much that painful experience sucks ass!

Let's be clear, if you really want the secrets of how to attract women. If you crave more fun and more sex in your life. You are going to have to do something that 95% of other guys would never dare to do.

However, if you are prepared to take a chance and go balls out on this one... then this could be the most important website you ever discover!

“Start today and you will get more astoundingly hot women and sex than you know what to do with. I guarantee it!”

Seriously, I am going to push you hard on this. I want your mind blown by the results within 21 days. Still with me?

Good, let's begin by leaving the bullshit excuses at the door.

I am a middle aged, divorced dad and I used this same material to go from being 'totally hopeless with women' to being able to approach and attract any woman he wants. If I can do it, then you can to!

More amazing sex is the tip of the iceberg when you become a powerfully confident man

"I am going to drop a bombshell into your world... nothing will be the same again"

craig beck

My name is Craig Beck, I teach guys like you how to rapidly accelerate success in all areas of life, especially how to attract women. I do this by giving them the tools to massively enhance their inner belief & self-confidence.

Let's be honest... we are men and we are not supposed to admit that we are scared of anything. Especially not women, society demands that we all act like prowling wolves - knocking seven bells out of our bedposts!

Lesson one... forget that bullshit. Virtually all guys wish they were more confident around women. However, 95% of men will never do anything about it. Many of them will end up in poor quality relationships and all because they are too afraid to admit they need some coaching.

“When my 11 year marriage came to an end I found myself back in the dating game without the first clue about what I doing. I was hopeless with women... until I decided 'enough was enough' and I worked myself like a machine to go from zero to hero”.

I spent many years training with the big name pick up artists around the world and despite becoming successful with women something still didn’t feel right – it felt like a hollow victory.

I am not interested in teaching guys how to trick girls into bed... if that's what you want go somewhere else. But if you are looking for powerful, exciting and rewarding relationships with beautiful women​, then you are in the right place.

I promise, absolutely no cheesy lines or stupid gimmicks. Confidence is king and that's what I will teach you, quicker than you could ever imagine.

“You never see James Bond walking around a Mall looking for girls to hit on. Bond doesn’t run ‘game’ on girls, he is naturally attractive to women. This is what I am going to teach you”.

The Powerfully Confident man knows how to attract women not because he learned a few cheesy lines but because of what is inside his heart, character and mindset. If you can decide now and get started today your whole life will change… everything!

"I am telling you straight, nothing feels better than when you get your first number"!

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"I always thought I could do better with a bit of confidence behind me. I know I am a great guy, with a good job and lots of fun BUT I always fell to pieces when I spoke to a girl I liked.

Instead of seeing all the great things about me they couldn't get past the clumsy idiot trying (and failing) to get their number.

Craig has a great way of explaining the psychology of attraction in a way that is easy to understand. He tells you what to do and how to do it but he also explains why it works so well.

The first few attempts were a disaster but I stuck at it.​

I watched the course a good few times before I got the nerve to take it to the streets. The first few attempts were a disaster but I stuck at it.

I am telling you straight, nothing feels better than when you get your first number!

Now I am wondering why I didn't learn this stuff earlier... my confidence is 100% better and not just with women.

I am going for promotion at work this month too"!​

Mike H, Oakland USA

"Truly exceptional..."

"I have been trying to master this stuff for such a long time. Craig has a unique way of making it all fit together. His books and audio courses on attraction and seduction are life changing. I consider the concepts behind his Powerfully Confident coaching program to be a 'must know' for any man"

- Evin McRae (Austin, Texas)

Over 5,000 guys have gone from zero to hero in less than 3 weeks... are you ready to be the next?

Your Complete Seduction Degree Is Waiting:

Point 1

Lesson One: Destroy fear. Learn how fear is creating a false reality, preventing you approaching all the hot girls you are interested in. Plus you will learn the most powerful secret to dramatically improve your confidence.

point 2

Lesson Two: Discover the three stages of man. How nice guys can become powerfully confident with women without any silly gimmicks or cheesy and predictable pick up routines.

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point 3

Lesson Three: Stop being so f*$king hard on yourself. You are a valuable guy. It's time to open your eyes and see the world of amazing you have to offer.

point 4

Lesson Four: The 30,000 foot view. How to destroy your approach anxiety and put fear in it's correct place. You will learn how to successfully approach hot women without even thinking about it.

point 5

Lesson Five: Destroy outcome dependency! Seriously, how many stunning girls would you approach if you didn't care what she said?

point 6

Lesson Six: Being Bond! James Bond is almost always unruffled. He does not move without cause. You never see his knee bouncing or fingers fidgeting. He speaks carefully and intentionally. Women LOVE this in men.

point 7

Lesson Seven: The Law of Scarcity. This psychological rule of human behavior is going to be one of the most powerful attraction tools you have in the box. Master this secret and women become putty in your hands.

point 8

Lesson Eight: Stop Looking For Completion. Dump the excuses! The best time to learn how to get beautiful women into your life was yesterday. The next best time is right now.

point 9

Lesson Nine: Sex on Venus & Mars. Breaking news - Women want sex just as much as men. So here's how you stop thinking that sex is something women own. This lesson will get you a LOT more amazing sex - guaranteed!

point 10

Lesson Ten: Pattern Disruption. Women are used to being hit on by lame, socially ignorant guys - they expect it. I will show you how to smash through her bitch shield and find the amazing woman behind.

lesson 11

Lesson Eleven: How to avoid catching deadly one-itis. Getting hung up on one girl causes huge problems for guys. It makes them needy and desperate. Let find out how you deal with this once and for all.

lesson 12

Lesson Twelve: Approach mastery. Craig will show you the secrets to cold and warm approach. Including how to approach stunning women in everyday environments like the supermarket and the mall.

lesson 13

Lesson Thirteen: Sacrifice the goat. Time to destroy your approach anxiety once and for all. This is how you become a master of day game. This lesson alone is worth the full price of the course

lesson 14

Lesson Fourteen: Integrity. How to approach hot women, get the number, secure the first date & sexually escalate to the bedroom. And do it all with integrity. The Powerfully Confident man enhances lives... always.

Confidence With Women
lesson 15

Lesson Fifteen: Body Language Masterclass. Guys always worry about what to say to girls. But 93% of what we communicate is non verbal. You will to discover that what you say matters a lot less than you think.

lesson 16

Lesson 16: Release the demons. There is a lot of junk in your head that is holding you back & preventing you being the powerfully confident man you are capable of being. Time to meet the Demon Slayer.

lesson 17

Lesson Seventeen: The 10x4 Rule. How to talk to women with style and confidence. This lesson will teach you the persuasion speaking techniques of and NLP master.

lesson 18

Lesson Eighteen: The Dirty R Word. Dealing with rejection like water of a ducks back is the subject of this powerful lesson. You will never worry about being 'rejected' again after this masterclass.

lesson 19

Lesson Nineteen: Sexual escalation and closing. How do you get hot girls into bed without dealing with the usual 'shit tests'. This lesson will give you a step by step routine to move things to the bedroom.

lesson 20

Lesson 20: Bonus - The Most Amazing Pickup Routine In The World. You asked for it, so here it is! The killer routine that Craig has used to get the number of countless hot women in less than 30 seconds!

Yes, I Am Ready To Change My Life - Give Me Instant Access Now

"A life changing experience..."

"OMG if I had the slightest idea the sort of things you would have me doing this weekend. I would never have turned up. You have turned me from a guy terrified of women to an approach machine - totally life changing experience"

- Marcus Hall (San Francisco, USA)

Discover the best way older guys can easily attract beautiful younger women!

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Step above every other guy you know!

Imagine having the pure self confidence & ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude to approach any beautiful woman you want!

I want to give you this, the most powerfully feeling you will ever experience as a man. BUT this information is NOT for everyone!

Most guys, and I really do mean most guys will never have the balls step outside their comfort zone.

“The tragedy of this is EVERYTHING AMAZING worth having is just outside your comfort zone. That’s why most guys are not with the woman of their dreams or getting the amount of sex they really want”.

If you are serious about discovering the secrets of how to attract women. To getting bulletproof confidence with girls. Getting more adventure, more respect and let’s be honest… more sex.

Then you should trust me on this and decide now so I can give you the tools to get it all quicker and easier than you ever dreamed possible.

"Thanks for pushing me in the right direction - having a fucking awesome time"!

how to attract women reviews

"Seriously man you could have been telling my exact story when you talked about how you got good at this shit.

I was very shy as a kid, totally hopeless with girls at school. So I basically married the first girl who looked at me twice.

I knew I could do better, if only I could get a hold on my nerves.

When I got divorced I got back out there and tried to find a woman that would excite me. I didn't care about sleeping around, I just wanted to be with a woman who made me think 'wow' when I looked at her.

I read 'The Game' like everyone else but I just couldn't bring myself to get out there and try it! Seduction University gave me a way to experiment and master the theory.

Like you say in the course 'there has to come a point where you stop reading about this stuff and get out there and do it'. Thanks for pushing me in the right direction - having a fucking awesome time"!

Robert U, Melbourne Australia

"Not a quick fix but a permanent solution..."

"You have a way of making all this seem entirely possible. Powerfully Confident has opened my eyes to just how hard on myself I have been over the years. You are right, not even my worst enemy would think some of the stuff about me I used to believe. Thank you so much for making this stuff available to guys everywhere"

- Brian Thompson (Yorkshire, England)

Yes I want more women, more fun & more sex!

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"Your success is everything to me. I am passionate about giving guys like you the tools to live the life they dream of. I believe the Powerfully Confident program is the best confidence and 'how to attract women' training program available anywhere today", Craig Beck - Creator Powerfully Confident

PLUS...Get all these bonus downloads today...​

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